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I'm a medical stedunt in Australia, and I just thought I'd mention that the reason drugs are so cheap here isn't entirely because the pharmaceutical companies price-gouge in the USA; the government covers most of the cost. If you don't match their requirements though, you have to pay the full price. And they're often limited in amounts or repeats or brands, and in some cases the doctors have to ring up a special phone-line to get the authority to prescribe it EACH script.Our government is very wary of drug companies and their influence on doctors. For the past few years there have been limits placed on how much they can spend on gifts' and lunches for GPs. And from this year, I believe, they're no longer allowed to give out pens and pads of paper and things that patients might walk away with. While we medical stedunts mourn the fact that we now have to pay for our pens and notebooks, I'll freely admit that it might be a good thing. The notebooks I've used have lodged the brand names of certain medications in my memory. We're taught not to use brand names when studying, but I have to think harder to remember Pregabalin as opposed to Lyrica. And I actually have to look up Xanax to work out what kind of anxiolytic it is.And just as an amusing aside; I sat in with a GP for 8 weeks who used to save up samples of a certain medication for a patient. I don't know if it was because she couldn't afford it or didn't qualify for the subsidised program. But every time that drug rep came in, the GP'd go straight to the sample cupboard with a bag and take all of them!
I√ʬ?¬?m not a doc√?¬≠tor and asthma can be life-threatening so please take my sug√?¬≠ges√?¬≠tions with a grain of salt and do a lit√?¬≠tle research on it:One of the best bronchial-dilators is an herb called ephedra. Ephedra acts a bit like speed or caf√?¬≠feine int he body, hence the neg√?¬≠a√?¬≠tive press. It has, how√?¬≠ever, saved thou√?¬≠sands of lives and has been used for thou√?¬≠sands of years as an essen√?¬≠tial rem√?¬≠edy in Chi√?¬≠nese med√?¬≠i√?¬≠cine.You can buy ephedra at lit√?¬≠tle herb/healthfood stores some√?¬≠times. Ephedrine is the laboratory-isolated ver√?¬≠sion, and the side effects of it can be harsher. This is often sold at truck√?¬≠stop gas sta√?¬≠tions, or in stay-awake for√?¬≠mu√?¬≠las at the drug√?¬≠store. I don√ʬ?¬?t think its a god idea to take reg√?¬≠u√?¬≠lar doses of this stuff, but you might keep it on hand just in case you have an attack and do not have meds that work.I sug√?¬≠gest you look into allergy sources. I know doc√?¬≠tors will test for basic aller√?¬≠gies, but I√ʬ?¬?ve heard sev√?¬≠eral peo√?¬≠ple say they had major improve√?¬≠ments when they stopped eat√?¬≠ing dairy and wheat (which is hard to do, let me tell you), or got out of a house with mold in the base√?¬≠ment or air ducts, or stopped using sprays and clean√?¬≠ers with harsh ingre√?¬≠di√?¬≠ents. I√ʬ?¬?m sure its trial & error, so I would pick one batch and see how you do after a month, then move on to the next thing, and so on.Good√?¬†luck!

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